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A tight frenulum can be a painful problem that interferes with intimacy and normal function.

Dr. Roland Sing can offer effective and private treatment for frenulum breve at Gentle Procedures Clinic in Mississauga, Ontario.

Gentle Procedures Clinic is dedicated to providing our patients with the latest treatment for a tight frenulum.

Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of men’s sexual health care while treating our patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.

We offer rapid access to effective treatment for the discomfort of frenulum breve, with an experienced urologist.

We take a comprehensive treatment approach, starting with a consultation and physical exam in our Mississauga clinic.
Our frenulectomy procedure is performed painlessly and offers a short recovery period, with full support and follow-up.
Procedures are performed in our clinic, in a quick and comfortable manner, by an experienced top-rated urologist – Dr. Roland Sing.

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Using the latest effective treatments most men can eliminate frenulum breve at the Gentle Procedures Clinic.

Our new frenulectomy method offers many benefits, including:

Consultation and treatment are available fast, and painlessly. No pills, no pain during the procedure, and minimal downtime.

Patients benefit from Dr. Sing’s decades of urological experience.

Eliminate pain and regain your confidence by contacting Gentle Procedures now.

Book a consultation at our convenient location to learn more.

Dr. Roland Sing and Gentle Procedures Clinic

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  • ​Minimal Downtime
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  • ​Permanent Results
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Gentle Procedures Clinic offers a quick and discreet frenulum breve treatment that can significantly improve quality of life for our patients.

Our frenulectomy treatment offers rapid relief from discomfort due to a tight frenulum, to help men restore their full natural sexual function.

Dr. Sing is committed to delivering safe, discreet, and effective health solutions to patients at our clinic located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Contact Gentle Procedures Clinic to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about our treatment option for a tight male frenulum.

Dr. Roland Sing

You will meet with Dr. Sing for a personal assessment, conducted in a private meeting at our clinic.

Your visit will include a review of your medical history and current health and symptoms, as well as a careful examination.

You can book your initial visit with or without a referral.

Dr. Sing is a Urologist with over 20 years of experience. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and he holds a clinical fellowship in the sub-specialty of Endourology.

Frenulectomy is a focus of Dr. Sing’s practice, and he believes that the procedure can be performed safely, effectively, and efficiently in a comfortable outpatient setting.

The end benefit is significantly reduced wait times and optimized health care delivery to patients desiring this procedure.

Born in Penticton, BC, Dr. Sing spent his early years in the Okanagan-Similkameen valley. He graduated with an Honours degree in Pharmacology and Therapeutics from UBC. He obtained his medical degree at the University of Calgary and completed his Urology residency at Queen’s University. His sub-specialty training was undertaken at the University of Toronto.

He has dedicated much time and effort to ongoing training in order to be able to offer patients techniques that are highly advanced, minimally invasive and have been performed safely on many thousands of patients.

His mission is to uphold the highest standards of health care while treating patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Choose Dr. Sing, and Gentle Procedures, for:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Problems Associated With A Short Frenulum Get Better By Themselves?

No, unfortunately a short frenulum generally does not get better on its own. Some physicians suggest stretching exercises but the frenulum is a rather tough tissue that is not easily stretched. A frenulectomy is usually necessary to release the tight band of tissue creating painful downward traction.

What is the Treatment for a Short Frenulum?

A frenulectomy is a specialized technique that treats this condition by removing the tight restriction, allowing increased skin range of motion. It is done in our clinic and takes only minutes to perform. The tight frenulum is released, allowing improved pleasure without fear of pain or bleeding.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Please contact us to schedule an appointment. You can use the form and we will book an appointment for you for an assessment. After the initial appointment we will book your frenulectomy procedure, if that is what is recommended.

Is A Frenulectomy Painful?

We perform frenulectomy without material discomfort during the procedure. You will have tenderness during the healing period of one to two months.

How Will This Affect Me?

After a frenulectomy, because the tight band is released, you can have an improved experience, due to less pain and worry from tearing and bleeding.

Will I Need to Take Time Off Work?

Recovery from penile frenulectomy is fairly fast and painless. Most men do not require additional pain medications after the procedure and are able to return to office work in the next few days. If your work requires heavy or physical activity, you will need a few more days off.

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